Nokia Will Support Symbian Until 2016

Nokia Will Support Symbian Until 2016 - Since Nokia divert its smartphone platform from Symbian to Windows Phone are many pros and cons to happen. Most noticeable on the Symbian community, where they are not yet clear how the fate of the platform for the future. Moreover, many developing rumors that Nokia will no longer 'take care' of Symbian, which will focus on Windows Phone.
However, it seems to concern the audience of Symbian Nokia is somewhat relieved. Through a special interview, CEO of Nokia - Stephen Elop provides interesting statement. Elop said that the value of investments in Symbian will continue to run, even when they switch to Windows 7 Phone as its new smartphone platform later. And, renewal (update) software for Symbian will continue to be realized and made ​​available at least until 2016.

Based on that information, then when users buy a Nokia N8, at least he knows until when the Nokia will continue to support it. And, when calculated then the 2016 is still around five years from now, at which time Nokia had already switched to Windows 7 Phone, such as news circulated that the product would be present in 2012.


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